Starting on 4/8/2018  we are beginning a new series called "Bugs".

Kids have a fascination with bugs and insects. Remember how many times you went running in the fields to catch lightning bugs or grasshoppers? Many of us never would have thought  that BUGS could be used to teach us valuable lessons about the Bible. But it's True! That is what this curriculum series is designed to do...teach biblical truth in a creative and wacky way! 

Included in these lessons are various tools to help you instruct as well as entertain the children as they journey through the land of insects and bugs together. Each segment of the lesson is meant to reinforce the Biblical truth that is presented.

We hope you and your kids enjoy this series, and that it is a wonderful tool to help each kid live their life in step with what God has called them to be !

Welcome to Lifekids!

Our Sunday morning LifeKids program is called SUNDAY FUNDAY. This is a place where your children can come and learn about God's love for them in a fun and exciting way! Children from Kindergarten through 6th grade will be with us in Sunday Funday for the entire time you are in the service, to allow you to worship and learn uninterrupted, as your children can also be learning in a totally safe, loving environment that is geared towards them, where they will meet new friends, and we will always encourage the children to love and care for one another too.

Our High Voltage Kids curriculum helps us to teach the children deep lessons about God's love, in an upbeat and lively, interactive, and technologically up- to-date way. Each Sunday will follow the same format, allowing for free time for the children to spend time having some fun together in an unstructured way, and then we will always worship together, learn from God's Word, play games and break up into small groups to discuss the topic they are learning. We will also send home a weekly devotional for the family to work on together through the week, so you will always know what they are learning!

If you are planning to bring your children to Sunday Funday, we would ask that you would take a look at our secure check-in system, called KidCheck. You can create your account from home so that even your very first check in is efficient and quick! 

We are excited to have your children with us in Sunday Funday, and look forward to partnering with you to help your children grow in their faith!

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail them to our LifeKids Coordinator.

Our Nursery

We have a nursery available for your children ages 0 to 4, every Sunday, for your convenience. Please feel free to talk with our caring nursery staff when you come in. They can answer questions you may have, or receive instruction about any special requests you may have regarding your child's care. 

Nursing mothers are always welcome to come in and enjoy a comfortable rocking chair while you feed your child. 

We welcome you and look forward to serving you as we care for your children in our nursery.

Operation Christmas Child

Lifekids, the children's ministry at Lifebridge, has been working all year to bring their weekly offerings to put towards shipping costs to send shoe box gifts through Operation Christmas Child. If you would like to know more about the ministry of Operation Christmas Child,  click here.                              

Last year we packed 80 boxes! We are beginning our collection again this year and hope to be able to pack 80 boxes again. LifeKids will be hosting a Packing Party on Sunday, November 19, 2017 at 12:00 noon at our building at 97 Frog Hollow Rd. Brandon, VT. 05733. 

If you would like to find out how you can participate in packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, please let us know here.