LifeBridge Christian Church has made it a priority to encourage our church family to commit themselves to praying for one specific person that needs to know the Love of Jesus Christ. Prayer is a powerful tool to guide us, give us opportunities to share God's love with that person, and to open the heart of the one that we are praying for.

Of course, you are not limited to one. You can have a whole list of people that you pray for; but we simply ask people to at least think of and pray for that one person that they know. We don't share our "Pray for One" person, we simply remember in our hearts and minds to pray for all of that person's needs, and most importantly, their need of the Love of Jesus Christ in their lives.


If you have a prayer request, we would like to be able to pray for your need. Please fill out a prayer request form. The form will be submitted to us, and if you would like this prayer request shared publicly on our prayer wall, you may indicate that on your request. Please refrain from giving detailed information such as names for public sharing. Initials can be used. God knows who we are, and He knows exactly who your prayer is for.

You may also update us and let us know how God is answering your prayers through the use of the request form. We can then keep our prayer wall up-to-date if this was a public request. This helps to encourage others by letting them know how you are seeing God answer the prayers that are being prayer for in your life.

You may also visit our Prayer Wall below if you want to pray for others that have made their needs known.


Any prayer requests that are submitted to us on a prayer request form on our website will be put on the wall for our community to pray for the needs of others, unless specifically stated "Do not Share".

If we are updated about the status of the prayer request, we will update our prayer wall. If we do not hear any further update on the specific prayer request, we will take it down after one month.

We hope that you find this prayer wall helpful when you want to pray for others, or want others to pray for your request. 

We will not share names of others that are not specifically asking prayer for themselves. Anything of a confidential nature will not be put in a detailed way on the Prayer Wall.