Make room for one

As we grow in our mission at LifeBridge, and have the opportunity to invite more people to join us, we are faced with needing to make room for more people. As disciples of Jesus Christ, when we first hear the Good News, we are set free and have the chance to have a new life. It's an amazing time! As we grow in our faith as disciples of Christ, we begin to expand our focus because we want to share the powerful freedom we are experiencing in our new lives in Christ. We want to invite people in to join us... and as they start to come, there are more roles to be filled. Now we start to see our place in the family of God, and realize we are not only here to receive, but we want to give out of the fullness in our hearts. We want to not only be served, but we want to serve. 

The question then becomes, where would I best be able to use my gifts? How can I serve on a Sunday morning?

The next section on this page outlines all the different team roles available to be filled at this time. Please read through and pray about where you see yourself being able to join in on a Sunday morning. Then let us know by filling out this brief form.

  • Facility Inspector (possible companion role with service team)

    The Facility Inspector ensures that all worship space and the parking lot area are ready for the morning activities. Please read a detailed job description below.

  • first impressions team (possible companion role with service team)

    This team has many different roles, all with the same goal of creating a special first impression for visitors, that will help put them at ease in every way we possibly can, so that they may experience the loving nature of our God. We create a welcoming presence, as well as a well organized experience that reflects the care put into the experience people have at LifeBridge. 

    For First Impressions Team descriptions, please click the link to the descriptions below.

  • Lifekids team

    There are two areas you can serve in as a LifeKids Staff member. The Sunday Funday room (K-6) or the Nursery (0-Pre-K).

    **All adult staff in LifeKids programs must first complete a Background Check.

    For a job description, please click the link to the description below.

  • security team

    The Security Team is responsible for the safety and well being of everyone coming to Sunday Services.

  • Tech team

    The Tech Team is responsible for all the technical aspects of a Sunday morning service. LifeBridge will provide on-the-job training for this role, although you should be comfortable with computers and technology.  Please click the link below for a description.

  • worship contributors  (Possible companion role with first impressions team or building team)

    Worship Contributors may choose one of two roles during Sunday service. Their is one Scripture Reader each Sunday, as well as four Communion/Offering Servers. This position happens in service only, so it is possible that you could be in this role and could also be working with the First Impressions Team for the same service since the roles happen at different times.

    Please click the link below for a description.