Prayer Wall

Any prayer requests that are submitted to us on a Prayer Request Form will be put on this wall for our community to pray for the needs of others, unless specifically noted "Do Not Share" on the form.

If we are updated about the status of a prayer request (you can do so through the Prayer Request Form at the bottom of this page) we will update our prayer wall. Otherwise, if we do not hear any further update on a particular prayer request, it will be taken off the wall in one month.

We hope that you will find this Prayer Wall helpful when you want to pray for others, and comforting when you are in need of prayers and want others to pray for your request.

We will not share names of others who are not specifically asking for prayer for themselves. You can put the initials if you would like to. Remember, God knows who we are and knows exactly who and what we are asking for prayer for.  Anything of a confidential nature will not be shared in detail on this Prayer Wall. 

6/11/18:  Jay Jacob - Please pray for me as I face a situation that is similar to what Moses faced when he was at the Red Sea. Believing like Moses that a way be opened when there is no way. 

6/11:18:  Marie Grace: Please pray for a miracle provision to be able to pay weekly on loan taken for bond money. Please pray for the extreme stress of this situation, that we will be able to trust God throughout for his provision and abundance.

Hang tight while we prepare your form...

Need Prayer?

Please fill out and submit this form in order to submit a prayer request.